Year 5 & 6

Teaching at the Greek School Ayia Triada is both a significant responsibility and a wonderful privilege. It involves not just academic instruction but also the vital task of preserving our rich language and traditions. Preparing students to grow into well-rounded adults ready to face the world is challenging but incredibly rewarding.

As teachers, we have the unique job of keeping our cultural heritage alive while also equipping our students with the skills they need today. This requires balancing cultural education with modern teaching methods, creating a dynamic and meaningful learning environment.

Education at the Greek School Ayia Triada is a collaborative effort. It involves teachers, students, parents, and community leaders all working together. This strong sense of community support helps inspire our students, fostering both academic success and cultural pride.

Ultimately, our hard work is rewarded when we see our students become confident, knowledgeable, and culturally aware individuals. They carry forward the traditions of their ancestors while contributing to the modern world in their unique ways.

Teaching at the Greek School Ayia Triada is a rewarding experience that extends beyond the classroom. It’s about shaping the future while honoring the past, and it enriches everyone involved. Mrs E. Souza, Y5 & Y6 teacher

On years 5 and 6 the pupils have already built a very strong foundation on vocabulary and grammar and they are ready to start working towards their future exams (ellinomatheia or gcses).

By finishing year 6 the students should be ready to use active and passive voice, most of the grammar tenses together with imperative and subjunctive mode, cooperative forms and conditionals.

The students working very hard using the book margarita 5 and 6 and GCSE 1 together with extra material that follows the curriculum.

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