Year 1 and 2

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Year 1

Being part of this class is incredibly enjoyable! In Year 1 Advanced, we have the opportunity to reinforce what we learn in Year 1 and to solidify our foundational language skills. 

Exploring themes like school, food, hobbies, and sports through our books, presentations and fun activities keeps us engaged and excited to learn. Discovering the two-letter consonant and vowel combinations, mastering common words and phrases, while improving our reading fluency makes us feel more confident! Additionally, we let our creativity shine, by writing a few sentences to describe a picture or creating a short story. Elements of grammar and syntax are introduced, to help us express ourselves better and we get used to following instructions in Greek. Furthermore, this class enhances our ability to answer questions related to ourselves, our favourite things, family, school, and other topics. Plus, participating in religious and national celebrations of the school, singing Greek songs and engaging in group activities and competitions helps us stay motivated to continue learning Greek!


"This year has truly been a great learning journey! It has been a year filled with smiles, good moments, and of course, plenty of hard work. In our classroom this year, we've embraced valuable lessons: that making mistakes is part of learning and growth, that confidence is key, and that respecting and helping one another are fundamental to our success. Combining traditional resources like books, worksheets, and presentations with technological tools has made lessons more enjoyable and led to amazing results in children's motivation and progress..."

Year 2 Key Information

In Year 2, our Greek learning curriculum focuses on familiarizing children with digraphs, building everyday vocabulary across various topics, and introducing basic grammar such as sentence structures, noun-adjective agreement, and verb conjugation in present and past tenses. We emphasize speaking and listening through interactive activities, games, and songs to enhance conversational skills, while weekly one-to-one reading sessions aim to improve fluency and comprehension. Additionally, we integrate cultural exploration by teaching Greek and Cypriot traditions, holidays, and customs, enriching the students' cultural understanding. We encourage parents to support their child's learning by practicing vocabulary, reading together, watching Greek programs, and engaging in daily Greek conversations.

Hello and welcome to our Year 2 class page! It is a delight to be part of this class, to be able to enjoy this exciting journey of learning, discovery and fun with the children and to ensure they have a positive and enriching experience in our class. Having the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful progress our Year 2 class has made and to celebrate our students’ achievements has made this year remarkable.

In Year 2 we, focus on building a strong foundation in the Greek language. Our lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive as students participate in songs which is a fun and memorable way to learn new vocabulary and practise pronunciation, story time as listening to and reading simple Greek stories enhance listening and reading skills, arts and crafts by doing creative projects related to Greek culture, and games and role-playing which are interactive ways that make learning enjoyable and practical.

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